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Licensing AI Engineers

The talk over professionalizing software program engineers is a long time previous. (The essential concept is that, like attorneys and designers, there ought to be some skilled licensing requirement for software program engineers.) Right here’s a regulation journal article recommending the identical concept for AI engineers.

This Article proposes one other means: professionalizing AI engineering. Require AI engineers to acquire licenses to construct business AI merchandise, push them to collaborate on scientifically-supported, domain-specific technical requirements, and cost them with policing themselves. This Article’s proposal addresses AI harms at their inception, influencing the very engineering choices that give rise to them within the first place. By wresting management over info and system design away from corporations and handing it to AI engineers, professionalization engenders reliable AI by design. Past recommending the precise coverage resolution of professionalization, this Article seeks to shift the discourse on AI away from an emphasis on light-touch, ex put up options that handle already-created merchandise to a higher concentrate on ex ante controls that precede AI growth. We’ve used this playbook earlier than in fields requiring a excessive degree of experience the place an obligation to the general public welfare should trump enterprise motivations. What if, like docs, AI engineers additionally vowed to do no hurt?

I’ve combined emotions concerning the concept. I can see the enchantment, however it by no means appeared possible. I’m undecided it’s possible at present.

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